Art Parties

Art Birthday Parties
starting at age 4 & up

What's included:

  • 2 Art Instructors (12 or more kids)
  • All supplies are included in price (pre-sketched canvas, paints, etc)
  • Balloons and tablecloths
  • (Tables & Chairs can be brought to home location for additional fee)

    Parties at Home or Alternate Location

    2 hour party (we come 30 min early to set up and stay to clean up). Contact us for pricing

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    Our Services

    Who can do these projects?

    These projects are designed for those with no artistic skill, only an interest and willingness to "play" with color, line, shapes, and image. You don't need to have an aptitude for painting and design; everyone is born with natural abilities for creativity and art. All the projects are age appropriate for children and adults.

    • Individual Art Classes- Individual sessions can help relieve day to day stress. Escaping and doing art in a quite atmosphere can help to ease life's challenges.
    • All Together- There will be opportunity to rebuild family structure. Bonding classes can consist of friends or family. Reconnect your family and friends disconnection with Intervention, team building and laughter through art.

    • Happy Hour- Individuals will bond with fellow artists over water, sodas, snacks, and wine while working on your wonderfulli made masterpiece.
    • Ladies Night- Girls just want to fun! Let this be your excuse to explore your creativity.

    • Baby and Toddler Zart- Band T Zart teaches child through visual arts. Children will learn how to identify colors, shapes, texture and images while developing their imagination and creativity.
    • Preschool Age Classes- Children develop important skills such as fine motor skills, ability to listen and follow directions, cognitive skills, and language. The activities will help them interactions well with others.
    • Elementary Age Classes- Children will learn different art techniques and focus on development skills.
    • Kiddie Kraft Parties-Allow your child to invite friends over for play time or a birthday party. This is a 2 hour event filled with creativity and laughter.

    Classes are held at various times on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons at Wonderfulli Made. You'll receive a pre-sketched canvas to jump-start your artistic vision.